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A word placed typically before a noun or pronoun used in place of a noun and indicates the relationships of that noun or pronoun to a verb, an adjective, or another noun or pronoun.

Prepositions Used with One Case

ἀνἀAccusativeup, again
ἀπὀAblativefrom, away from
έκ Ablative from, out from (source), out from within
είς Accusative into, unto, with reference to, because of, against (hostility)
πρό Ablativebefore

Prepositions Used with Two Cases

άντί Ablativeinstead of- substitution
Genitive Against (opposed to)
ένLocativein, with in, among (in the plural)
Instrumentalby (means of), with
μετάGenitivewith (loosely associated with, accompanied by)
περίGenitiveabout, generally concerning
Accusativearound (position)
about (Specifically concerning)
σὐνDativetogether with (intimately)
Locativewith (close association)
ὑπέρGenitiveOn behalf of, for the sake of, in place of (substitution)
Accusativeover, above, beyond
ὑποAblativeby (Direct agency)

Prepositions Used with Three Cases

ἐπί Genitiveupon, on (Emphatic, contact), at, by
Locative upon, on, at, over (position)
Accusative upon, on the basis of, on the occasion of, against (oppression).
Up to (without going over)
διάAblativepossibly – through (source)
Genitivethrough (intermediate agency)
Accusativeon account of, because of
κατάAblativedown from
Genitivedown upon, against (contrary to)
Accusativeaccording to, with reference to, as measured by
παράAblativefrom (The side of)
Locativeby the side of
Accusativebeside, beyond, against, (contrary to)
πρόςGenitivein interest of
Locativeat (facing)
Accusativeto, towards, with, against (facing, conflict)